Swatches: Misa – Too Much Gossip, Moody Model, High Waist Hue  

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Here are the swatches for the Misa varnishes from the mini haul I last posted.

Misa – Too Much Gossip (Girlfriends Collection 136)

Lacquer Boudoir Swatches - Misa - Too Much Gossip
(Misa: Too Much Gossip – Girlfriend Collection 136. 2 Coats. No Topcoat.)

Great application. Smooth and even. Colour wasn't as coral as I first thought but it's a nice almost pastel orange colour. Great for summer.

Misa – Moody Model (Runway Collection 158)

Lacquer Boudoir Swatches - Misa - Moody Model
(Misa: Moody Model – Runway Collection 158. 2 Coats. No Topcoat.)

I LOVE THIS!! Can't tell you how much I love this. This looks exactly like liquid milk chocolate. Lovely smooth and even application. Dries shiny, if you put another coat of Seche Vite QD on top! As if I have dipped my fingers in milk chocolate! If only it smells and taste like chocolate...

High Waist Hue (Runway Collection 157)

Lacquer Boudoir Swatches - Misa - High Waist Hue

The viscosity of this shade is a bit thicker and a tad more streakier application compared to the other two, I always find light shades are more prone to be streakier. I'm slightly disappointed that the colour is more pink but less grey and muted than I expected but still has the mannequin affect. Very flattering. Dries shiny.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase. Too Much Gossip is a cute fun colour for the summer. Moody Model was a pleasant surprise, I have to try putting a matte top coat on to see if it'll look like real chocolate! LOL! High Waist Hue is lovely, very demure could be perfect to put little lace design on. Oooo.. I might just do that for my next Konadicure!

What do you think? Which one do you like? What's your favourite Misa colour?

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I wasn't aware of this brand
until now but those colours
are fab. I'm forever doing
my nails and i'm always after
a new colour.
Great Post.

It's a bit ironic that the Misa bottle says "New York • London • Toyko" but I've NEVER seen this sold anywhere in London except for this one professional Nail Supply store in Hackney until now.

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