Trends: My wish came true! Pantone Colour Varnish!  

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Lacquer Boudoir - Trends: FitFlop Pantone® 200 Nail Varnish

I am a design geek. Everytime I look at my PANTONE® colour book when I'm designing and choosing colours, I can't help but wonder, I would LOVE to make PANTONE® colour nail varnish!!! They've got mugs and stationeries, why not wall paint and nail varnish!

Collaborated with the popular FitFlop and my favourite PANTONE® 200 came the Red FitFlop Nail Varnish. As much benefits and raves about FitFlops and as tempted as I am, I just can't bring myself to wear them. Ugh! Although, I must admit, I secretly want a pair of their gladiator sandals... shhh... But this varnish is a definite MUST HAVE!!!

I've ordered mine. Can't wait for it to arrive and swatch for you!

Order yours now HERE and for a limited of time, this special edition of nail varnish is FREE when you purchase a pair of Walkstar 1, Walkstar 3 or Walkstar 3 Snake at

Do you own a pair of FitFlop? What's your favourite Pantone colour?

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Nail Art: Pretty Lace  

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I wanted something a bit more demure on my nails. This Konadicure is inspired by French lace.

Lacquer Boudoir - Nail Art: Pretty Lace

Lacquer Boudoir - Nail Art: Pretty Lace

Lacquer Used:

Base Colour:Misa157High Waist Hue3 coats
Stamp Plate:Konad M71KonadM71Flower Lace Border
Flower Pattern
Stamp Colour:Beauty UK47Snow White1 coat
Topcoats:Seche Vite83005Dry Fast Top Coat1 coat


  1. After my base coat has been dried, I used Misa High Waist Hue for the base colour. Even though Misa applies smoothly and evenly, I find light colours varnish always need an extra coat for some reason.
  2. I applied a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat in case I made mistake with my stamping. It stinks but, boy, does it do a great job!! Dries super fast and leaves my nails super shiny!
  3. After all the layers have dried completely, I used Beauty UK Snow White with the Konad M71 Flower Lace Border on my index, middle and baby fingers, and I used the Flower Pattern from the same plate on my thumb and ring finger.
  4. To finish off, I used a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I hope you like this manicure!

What do you think of this konadicure?Do you find light colour varnishes always need an extra coat too?

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Lacquer: China Glaze Haul 1  

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Too many polishes in this haul to be all included in the blog post title! I've heard amazing praises on China Glaze, I finally had my hands on a few, okay, more than a few. Here they are:

Lacquer Boudoir: China Glaze Haul
(Top Row: Turned Up Turguoise, Fairy Dust, For Audrey.
Bottom Row: Japanese Koi, Solar Power, Golden Meringue, Diva Bride)

Lacquer Boudoir - China Glaze Haul: Japanese Koi, Solar Power, Golden Meringue, Diva Bride

  • Japanese Koi (Neon – Ink Collection 80844)
    This is almost a duplicate of Models Own Fluro's Orange by eye but Japanese Koi might have more red/coral in it. I'll need to do a swatch comparison later. 
  • Solar Power (Ecollection 80832)
    Very Summer-y yellow with micro golden shimmer.
  • Golden Meringue (Core Collection 70323)
    Lovely sheer nude-pink with micro gold shimmer. Would be great as a glaze.
  • Diva Bride (Wedding Diva Collection 70286)Crème colour, pretty light pink. Perfect for French Manicure base!
Lacquer Boudoir - China Glaze Haul

  • Turned Up Turguoise (Neon – Wow Factor Collection 70345)
    I wouldn't say it's neon, but it is a fairly bright turquoise with micro shimmer. It's not really me, but thought why not. Definitely a bright Summer colour.
  • Fairy Dust (Core Collection 70563)
    I've read so much about this! It's a clear varnish with micro holographic shimmer. It'll be great as a top coat.
  • For Audrey (Something Blue Collection 77053)
    After seeing so many swatches and reviews about this, I finally got my hands on it! It's a lovely, it was inspired by the Tiffany blue. PHD has actually did a swatch test in search for "The" Tiffany Blue. Anyway, this colour is bang on trend with one of this season's hottest minty shade popularised by Chanel's limited edition Jade and Nouvelle Vague.

I'm still dying to get some from the OMG Collection and Khrome Collection! I know most from this haul is nothing new, you've probably have read them on plenty other blogs. That's all for now. This will keep me busy for a while with swatches and playing with the colours.

Do you own any of these varnishes? Which is your favourite China Glaze colour?

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Nail Art: Guest Manicure - Angela's Summery Sparkly Flowery  

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This guest manicure features Angela, who wanted something Summer and bright because she was attending her crush's birthday BBQ party.

Lacquer Boudoir - Guess Manicure Angela's Summery Sparkly Flowery

Here is another look.

Lacquer Boudoir - Guess Manicure Angela's Summery Sparkly Flowery

Lacquer Used:

Base Colour:China Glaze77053For Audrey2 coats
Gradation Colour: L.A. Colours NP444 Treasure Island 3 coats
Ring Finger Base Colour: Barry M 307 Lemon Ice Cream 3 coats
Stamp Plate:Konad M62Bundle MonsterBM16Daisies
Stamp Colour:China Glaze70345Turned Up Turguoise1 coat
Topcoats:Seche Vite83005Dry Fast Top Coat1 coat


I used L.A. Colors Treasure Island as a gradation colour (my first gradation!) on top of China Glaze For Audrey. Ringer finger, I used Barry M Lemon Ice Cream as base, then stamped with Bundle Monster BM16 daisies pattern with China Glaze Turned Up Turguoise then adorned with a turquoise rhinestone on each ring finger.

Hope you like this Summery manicure. The Bundle Monster plates arrived, speedy delivery service. Like many blogs have reviewed, the edges of these plates are SHARP! Be careful! They are not as high quality as the Konad plates but worth getting for all the patterns.

What do you think of Bundle Monster plates? Have you done any Summer manicures?

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Random: Anyone needs a Graphic Designer in London?  

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Dear readers,

I haven't forget about this blog. Unfortunately, due to personal matter, it has greatly occupied me lately and I haven't been able to make any posts on here. I've some guest manicures which I can post, but things are just too crazy now for me to post them properly to give them the attention they deserved.

At the meantime, I'm pulling a shameless plug on here:

I'm an experienced graphic designer based in London, UK looking for a permanent full-time position with a creative firm. I am an Associate of Ontario College of Art & Design with over 10 years industry experience in the UK and Canada, specialising in graphic design, branding, print, packaging, advertising and web design.

If you know anyone who may be interested or is looking for someone with passion for creative designs, please pass this along. I will be happy to send my CV and portfolio upon request.

My online portfolio is now ready. Please check out I'll be back on posting fabulous inspirations and nail art posts as soon as I can. x

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