Trends: My wish came true! Pantone Colour Varnish!  

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Lacquer Boudoir - Trends: FitFlop Pantone® 200 Nail Varnish

I am a design geek. Everytime I look at my PANTONE® colour book when I'm designing and choosing colours, I can't help but wonder, I would LOVE to make PANTONE® colour nail varnish!!! They've got mugs and stationeries, why not wall paint and nail varnish!

Collaborated with the popular FitFlop and my favourite PANTONE® 200 came the Red FitFlop Nail Varnish. As much benefits and raves about FitFlops and as tempted as I am, I just can't bring myself to wear them. Ugh! Although, I must admit, I secretly want a pair of their gladiator sandals... shhh... But this varnish is a definite MUST HAVE!!!

I've ordered mine. Can't wait for it to arrive and swatch for you!

Order yours now HERE and for a limited of time, this special edition of nail varnish is FREE when you purchase a pair of Walkstar 1, Walkstar 3 or Walkstar 3 Snake at

Do you own a pair of FitFlop? What's your favourite Pantone colour?

Like it?
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