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Woohoo! First of all, I would like to thank my readers and followers to make my first 50! To thank you all, I'll be hosting a giveaway! The official giveaway will be announced next week (give me the weekend to source what goodies I'll have for you! Lots of you commented that they can't find crackle polish, so at least ONE item of the giveaway will be the Barry M Instant Nail Effect! Will try to hunt one down for it, it's starting to sell out everywhere!) Okay, onto the manicure...

Angela is back for another guest manicure appearance. She will be a bridesmaid wearing a bright orange dress. The fascinator she's made for the occassion was Chocolate brown with greige accents. I instantly thought of using Butter London Fash Pack, and I thought the micro gold shimmer will be great for this occassion.

Lacquer Boudoir - Nail Art: Guest Manicure - Angela Demure Elegance

I decided to Fauxnad BM20 and BM21 a few random fingers with Sally Hansen Pat on The Back. But thought it was still missing something, then I clicked, "WE NEED MORE BLING!!!!" I quickly place a drop of my newly purchased Gold Glitter Nail Art Striper on a plastic card, then use a flat brush and graced on gradation on a few random fingers. Here's a closer look at her left hand:

Lacquer Boudoir - Nail Art: Guest Manicure - Angela Demure Elegance

This is her right:

Lacquer Boudoir - Nail Art: Guest Manicure - Angela Demure Elegance

Lacquer Used:

Base Colour:Butter London0035Fash Pack3 coats
Gradation Colour: Nail Art Striper Gold Glitter 2 coats
Stamp Plate:Bundle Monster BM13Bundle MonsterBM20Botanical Swirl
Bundle Monster BM13 Bundle Monster BM21 Botanical Swirl
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Salon 4120-57 Pat on the Back 1 coat
Topcoats:Seche Vite83005Dry Fast Top Coat1 coat

Fairly simple. Butter London Fash Pack as base colour for all fingers. Left hand, stamp BM21 Botanical Swirl on thumb and similar pattern from BM20 ring finger. Right hand, stamp BM21 on index and BM20 on pinky. With a flat brush create Gold Glitter gradation to left middle and pinky, and right thumb and ring finger. Topcoat. Done.

What do you think of this manicure? Have you been a bridesmaid? What outrageous colours do you have to endure? Any crazy bridesmaid stories?

Like it?
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awesome as always =) I love your style! =)

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